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Posted by Dale's Plumbing Service, Inc on July 29, 2002 at 16:58:01:
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: I would like to have floor drains in the mechanical room (water heater TPR outlet and water heater maintenance) laundry room (washing machine) and the kitchen below the dishwasher.

: If these drains tie into the main DWV systems they would need trap primers - my sense is trap primers are potential sources for problems (all drains are in the concrete slab. My preference is a seperate drain system. Suggestions???

: Thanks, Fred.

Fred, If you are under a plumbing code that is enforced ,your preference doesn't matter.A trap primer is good because of the fact that the traps will dry up if there is not a constant usage at least 3 times a week. Of course you must use the trap primer to get the effect out of it.Maybe you could put it on a clock and let it do its thing automaticly.

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