Re: Shower Stall FLOOR leaking to other side of wall
Posted by John Bridge on July 28, 2002 at 19:32:58:
In response to Re: Shower Stall FLOOR leaking to other side of wall
Hi Claire,

We have a number of people doing tile shower work presently. Of course, you can do it with the help available at our site.


: : There's no simple, easy way. Use a hammer, cold chisel, pry bar, etc., and start chipping the tile out. The thing about remodeling is there are very few pat answers to things. Every job is different. I find that it is much easier to remove as much as possible and basically start form scratch and not do a patch job. The money you save usually is outweighed by the work involved. You might want to look at a fiberglass stall replacement. For us DIYers, they are a lot easier to install and less likelyhood of leaks.

: How's the grout and caulk? If there are any cracks, pinholes you've gotta leak.
: What about the faucet? Is it dripping, leaking down the wall?

: Is the drain clogged or running slowly and water is standing in the pan? That's a great way to trash a mortar bed shower.

: Maybe you can take the drain cover off and stick a hose in there and figure out if it's drain or tile.

: If you are committed to tearout, a small or medium sized electric chipper from the rental place is a great time saver.

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