Re: leaking main shutoff valve
Posted by Gary Swart on July 28, 2002 at 13:12:00:
In response to Re: leaking main shutoff valve
There is a shut off at the meter. If you don't pay the water bill, that's where they shut you off. It requires a T handle that will mate with the valve. I believe there are several kinds, but I'd check with some neighbors and see if any of them have a handle. This valve will have to be closed to make repairs. If you call a plumber, he will have the necessary handle, or you can have the city do it. A real quick related "war story". Several years ago, the cut off valve that is inside my house had been poorly soldered when the new 1" line was installed and it came completely off! I had big time problems. I tried to use a pipe wrench to turn the rod that went into the main valve, but I couldn't get enough leverage. Meanwhile, my basement was flooding. I reached the city water department and they sent a guy to shut the valve, seemed like it took forever. After having repairs made, I had a welder friend make me a shut off valve handle. I have heard property owners are not supposed to have these handles, but this is a rule that I have no problem breaking.

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