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: Hi there, I'm new to the board and have a few qeustions. I have a 1/2 horse power shallow well pump under my house with a 1 gallon tank, the well is buried about one foot under the ground in the front yard. The well is around 32' deep and has gotten very low in water due to the draught we are having. only have about 6' of water in the well.....24" well. my pump will not pump the water to the house because it's over the 25' lift for the pump. I'm thinking about installing a submersable pump and am wondering if you have any good tips on what I may need to get the job done. I think I can use the exsisting pipe runing from the well to the house and just take the shallow well pump from under the house. I know I will have to have new pipe going down into the well for the submersable. Is it best to have the sub. off the bottom or on the bottom of the well ?? and what's a good horse power pump and size tank for me ?? Sorry about the long post...and thanks in advance for your help..... David.

First of all you may not have enough water to use a submergiable pump. the pump needs to be 5' off the bottom. you can only use a 10 gal per min pump or less if they make it. you will need a pitless adapter and the well head needs to be 1ft above the ground. you will also need wire to the pump.I think you might have made an error on the size of your tank (1 gallon?) try 20 gal min a 40 would be ideal.I really think you may need a new well or if city or rural water is available get it. Hope this helps.

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