Removing Moen bath faucets from copper water supply lines
Posted by Stacie on July 27, 2002 at 15:26:22:
I am trying to replace discolored two handle Moen faucets in a double vanity with new ones but I can't seem to separate the faucet(s) from the copper water supply lines. I have managed to loosen the mounting and coupling nuts as well as remove the handles and top part of the faucet. The faucet now moves freely but is attached to each supply line by what appears to be a black rubber washer. I cannot pull the faucet loose from the supply line(s). I've tried cutting away part of the washer but the faucet still won't move.

Can anyone advise me how to remove the faucets from the supply lines or should I just call a plumber? As a new homeowner I have limited plumbing knowledge but the instructions that I read made it seem fairly simple.

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