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Posted by Rich on July 25, 2002 at 12:00:30:
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: : Hello! Looking for a quick response. This is an e-mail received from our Real Estate agent today regarding our 1st floor condo and would like to know if it's that easy of a fix, or should I be worried before I close escrow? Thanks!

: : "On Saturday morning at 8 am we found a small amount of water leaking from the fan on the bathroom wall.
: : We contacted the tenants above us who reported they had just taken a bath.
: : We then contacted the owner of the unit, XXXXXX, who immediately came over.� He found that the overflow vent in their bathtub was not connected tightly and this had allowed water to leak out.� He repaired the problem immediately.
: : There was no apparent damage to our bathroom, no water stains.
: : We closely observed the area the next few days and there were no further leaks and no damage.
: : XXXXX has assured us that if there were any damage he would be responsible for any repairs needed."

: Rich,
: It "sounds like" they fixed it.
: Leaks from the upper overflow are common over time. Replacing or adjusting the rubber washer works most of the time. Terry

So this could've been as simple as just tightening up the cover plate that houses the open/close lever for the drain? I'm just really concerened that they haven't seen a repeat yet because no one upstairs has used the bathtub since the incident.

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