Re: copper vs cpvc questions for HJ????????????
Posted by detroit home inspector/house restorer on July 24, 2002 at 14:23:32:
In response to Re: copper vs cpvc questions for HJ????????????

Is the water pressure actually lower with cpvc because of the thicker wall and lower carrying capacity? Also, I have noticed I got a couple of leaks where I connect my shut-offs to the cpvc nipple. I used pipe dope. I corrected the problem by using more pipe dope. What is the proper procedure for this??

I have repiped 2 old houses using cpvc and thought the water pressure was great! Of course, the houses HAD the old galvanized pipe that was full of rust prior to my rehabs. So, the water pressure was far better. I tend to use 3/4 line for everything up unitl the last elbow. Then I put on the 1/2 line just so my shut-offs will fit.

I tell people that plumbers prefer copper but they also prefered cast iron for waste lines until pvc caught on. I think everyone will use cpvc in the future.

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