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Posted by hj on July 24, 2002 at 00:14:42:
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I tell my customers that unless the added cost of the copper is extravagant (because the plumbers prefer to use CPVC), then go that route, otherwise CPVC is suitable. The one big disadvantage of CPVC is that the o.d. is the same as copper, but since the wall is thicker the actual water carrying capacity is considerably less for the smaller sizes of pipe.

: Hi,
: In our townhome we have PB piping, which leaked. We are now having our home replummed (thank goodness we qualified for the class action suit). Anyway, we have a choice of getting copper or cpvc and were wondering which you would recommend. We have heard that the plastic is better b/c if there is a leak, we could fix it ourselves (but with copper we would need to hire a plummer). We have also heard that copper lasts longer and is a better pipe. We hope you can help us with this decision. Thanks!

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