Thanks Terry
Posted by Bob on July 23, 2002 at 12:36:05:
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Thanks for your help Terry.


: : I was looking to buy the American Standard Cadet EL toilet that did pretty well in Terry's toilet report.
: : But I can't seem to find the model number called out, 2898.012, on the boxes at the local Home Depot. Terry called this out as the "new model".

: : Should this number be on the box itself or do I need to look at the bowl itself. (Maybe I'm just not looking at the right place on the box.)

: : I find boxes that are labeled Cadet EL but I want to be sure that I'm getting the same model that Terry evaluated.

: 3459.016 Elongated bowl only
: *with bolt caps
: List Price: $134-186, based on color
: 4112.016 Tank complete with coupling
: *components and tank trim
: List Price: $69-97, based on color

: Bob,
: They may carry a different model there. If so, I haven't tried them yet. Terry

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