Re: coupling in low pressure nat'l gas
Posted by hj on July 22, 2002 at 23:51:32:
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You also do not want to put a union inside the wall where you can't inspect it. Unless you can start at the existing pipe and work to the fireplace connection, you will need a left/right nipple and coupling. I do not recommend these for the DIY'er since they take a bit of experience in order to get both sides tight at the same time.

: I'm upgrading and relocating the gas valve for my fireplace as I install a new mantel w/ columns on the front. The new valve is a "Dante" brand w/ a key for operation. The gas line is 1/2" threaded black pipe. Downstream of the new valve I need to match up to an existing screwed ell which is piped to the firebox. Is using a "union" the right choice in the last "fit-up" piece? I need something because I'll be stuck w/ a piece of threaded pipe w/ right hand threads on both ends. Any other suggestions? Although the flex hoses for appliance hookups would work, I do not want to put one inside my wall where I can't inspect it.

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