Information Tech or Plumber?
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A LICENSED plumber is extremely valuable for the knowledge of ability to save commercial accounts huge amounts of money, in the consultation phase. Information Engineers also are extremely valuable for the consultation phase of coupling Routers and switches for large corporations. Focus upon Cisco Routers for the design Build out firms in Housing development is only one piece of the puzzle. Develop the idea that you know construction and Technology and sell yourself to the commercial developers, but also look at the Legal Departments and Real Estate Development departments which require your ASSISTANCE to their existing IT departments.

Look at the Insurance Claims larger firms that settle lawsuits associated with flood and fire damage claims and repair. Look also at Commercial Mechanical Contractors that are utilized in the Public Works contracts and the removal of piping and reconstruction of boilers, heat exchangers,cooling towers, and transportation areas.

Look also at the shipping Industry as well as the fuel and oil development firms that employ huge amounts of pipe and plumbing supplies, and also require computer technology to keep the machines running, networked on Local Area Networks, as well as Wide Area Networks.

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: Hi There,
: Im Located in Dublin,Ireland, & I have worked as a plumber, pipefitter for the past 15 years. 4 years ago i undertook a 5 year degree course in IT at night. I commenced work in IT 2.5 years ago.The bottom has fallen out of this industry recently and it seems a shame to waste all my experience and knowledge in plumbing. I am determioned to complete my degree but i would love to combine my skills and knowledge, but i have yet to come up with an idea. Would any of you Guys out there have any suggestions? I Look forward to your replies.

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