Re: Laundry waste line design flaw??
Posted by pipedreams on July 22, 2002 at 13:43:18:
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: : : I just finished a new laundry room. After two uses of the washer, the drain backs up. It might be clogged, but I would be surprised if it is. When I installed the 2" drain pipe, I avoided going through the foundation by using a series of long 90 ells that drop through the wall, outside and then below grade. Could this be my problem? there are 5 ells going down in a stairstep fashion.

Terry, Thanks for the quick response. The laundry drain tee's off from the main about a foot up from the floor. The main vent runs straight up through the roof and is 2" pipe as well. The laundry p-trap is about 2 feet horizontally from the main drain. Below the laundry tee is another tee that accepts the sink drain, which also has a p-trap under the sink. The main then exits through the wall into the grade. I have a cleanout located just before it drops into the sewer, and I can see/hear a trickle of water. I thought there might be some back pressure thing, but then it would have vented when I opened the cleanout. Logically, it behaves like a clog, but common sense says it can't be clogged so soon. What I am afraid is that all those ells are restricting the flow and I will have to jackhammer it all out and start over.

: pipedreams,
: I would doubt that after two washings, that the pipe would have collected anything that could clog it. Did you vent the drain after the p-trap?
: Terry

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