Re: Eljer Aqua Saver or Crane Economizer?
Posted by J.Cleary on July 22, 2002 at 12:11:42:
In response to Re: Eljer Aqua Saver or Crane Economizer?
: I need to replace a toilet and have narrowed the field to either the Eljer Aqua Saver with the PF/2 system. Or the Crane Economizer with the Flushmate system. So far there has been a lot feedback at this forum indicating the Aqua Saver to need 2 flushes due to poor bowl design. I did not find anything of significance on the Crane Economizer.

: Which unit is better? And why. They are both priced very well.

: Thanks for the advice.

I hope you RE-THINK the use of a power assisted flushing toilet! I replaced three of the old-standard toilets when we remodeled and have nothing but expensive problems with them. We have used Kholor and Eljer. The parts are either extremely difficult to find or they are discontinued--then we have had to replace the entire toilet. I am on-line trying to find parts to the Eljer and after 2hrs of searching and phone calls, no luck! I will be forced again to purchase an entirely new toilet. Stick with the standard flushing toilets!

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