Overflow tub drain problem fixed.
Posted by Lisa Philpott on July 22, 2002 at 00:16:01:
I guess my message was the one that went missing.
I posted a while back about the overflow drain in the claw bathtub in our apartment leaking. The landlords didn't want to bother it. Insisted it was not repairable and was not set for overflow draining.
Since they would not come look at it, I bought a $5 overflow replacement valve.
My boyfriend and I had noticed a screw missing off the old cover. And I could look through this hole and see the wall outside the tub.
We had never bothered anything with plumbing, but I climbed into the tub to take off the cover. My boyfriend held the back pipe.
When the cover came off, lo and behold, the pipe was off center. That's why it leaked!
To be on the safe side, however, since they insisted it was not overflow ready, although it looked like it was, I put on the new cover upside down. So no water could go out unless it was over the top of the whole cover at the top.
We drew water to test. No water leaked. Problem fixed! No more worrying about it leaking anymore. ^_^


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