Disposable Throwaway
Posted by Ben Belmar on July 06, 2002 at 09:35:28:
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This is my third installment and second one today actually. I think gradually as I continue to write in this way by using the mass of global space that exists in the everlasting social conscious that is the internet the point of my actions and especially the motivations behind them will become clearer and clearer. Using this mass of space to just do as I please is great. I haven't even paid attention the nature of the discussion but still i have managed to find my way here. I want to publish my work and have it read by the world and by people who pay attention to minute detail and become obsessed by characters and people so search in all the nook and crannies. And so in the same way, i am glad that i have at least started on my my quest. I have no money and my health right now is not very good at all but there are ideas that are bright and there is time for me to develop. I hope that you will follow my development and enjoying what is happening and then for the people who find it either amusing or funny, then you start doing it yourselves by imposing youself just a little, like a bird on the back of a rhinoceros so that you may relax, take a ride and have time to think while still progressing onward. Then after that, forget about the whole thing and get on with your life.

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