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The water weighs 8.6 pounds per gallon. A 5000 gallon tank holding 4800 gallons (Because you won't have it filled all the way to the top) will provide 41,280 pounds static pressure at the discharge, but the tank will need to be vented and screened to allow atmospheric air pressure to equalize the pressure and prevent a vacuum each time you draw down when the valves open. The pressure will vary at differing head levels, so move your gauge to the lowest elevation and check that pressure as well. You simply install a nipple, a valve, and a tee at the discharge pipe, a reducer, a quick disconnect, and a pressure gauge to see what you are constantly delivering to the valve heads, from the tank location. Both tanks in series will be too great a pressure upon the plastic valves, and will require a pressure reducer. Check the pressure at the lowest elevation when you have one or two valves open upstream.

You don't want a low volume pump, but you want a high quality pump that won't draw high amperage during a high volume, reduced pump run time. The solar power will be what six or twelve or twenty four volt DC batteries getting recharged? Consider the 60 gallon per minute pump will only need to run 1 hour to refill 3600 gallons used, and the other twelve hours of sunlight will recharge the batteries. Will the well provide that kind of volume?

: We have 10 acres that firstly will be used for in ground nursery stock.
: A well will be be dug soon.
: We will have solar panals to:
: 1. run pump
: 2. run an irrigation timer
: 3. open and close valves on the system
: It is a long narrow parcel approx. 308' wide and 1600 ' long with about a max 10-15' grade from the lowest point of the property.
: What would be the water pressure on a 5000 gallon storage tank without a back up pump for pressure? I will have 2 5000 gal.tanks,set on the ground at the highest point.
: Would you suggest a low volume pump(less power needed to fill the tank during the sun light hours, and a supplimental pressure tank at my watering times to pressurize? I believe that I will be able to use low pressure drippers on each system.
: I will need at least 15 psi to open the valves.

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