Re: Sewer-Line Spot Repair
Posted by Gary Swart on July 01, 2002 at 10:59:43:
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The snap-cutter for cast iron can be rented from an equipment rental house, but you need to see if you have enough room in the trench to make it work. Another way to cut cast iron is with a large industrial size grinder, also a rental item. Caution, these are powerful and you must have a good grip, good footing, and use eye protection. I tried a recip saw once, but had no luck. Might have been the blade I tried. As far as the Fernco connections are concerned, these work well. After cutting the cast, measure and cut the PVC to fit as close as possible. Slide a Fernco on each end and put the pipe in the space. Make a mark on the cast half the length of the Fernco so when you slide it over the cast, you'll know when half of the coupler is on the cast. I hope you meant "rock and sand", not "rock salt", but that would fine although I don't think it's overly critical. Just make sure the soil is packed reasonably well under and around the pipe and connections, and I'd avoid rocks as much as possible. I see no need for concrete.

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