No grid power available, need low power pressure
Posted by Jen Davis on June 30, 2002 at 23:29:01:
We have 10 acres that firstly will be used for in ground nursery stock.
A well will be be dug soon.
We will have solar panals to:
1. run pump
2. run an irrigation timer
3. open and close valves on the system
It is a long narrow parcel approx. 308' wide and 1600 ' long with about a max 10-15' grade from the lowest point of the property.
What would be the water pressure on a 5000 gallon storage tank without a back up pump for pressure? I will have 2 5000 gal.tanks,set on the ground at the highest point.
Would you suggest a low volume pump(less power needed to fill the tank during the sun light hours, and a supplimental pressure tank at my watering times to pressurize? I believe that I will be able to use low pressure drippers on each system.
I will need at least 15 psi to open the valves.

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