Re: sand in water from our well NOT DOOM & Gloom
Posted by More on June 30, 2002 at 23:26:56:
In response to Re: sand in water from our well NOT DOOM & Gloom
High water table areas percolate their water downwards because of gravity (the spinning of the earth)through hard rock and sand. You used a large volume of water continuously which allowed the pump to also pump (usually)heavier than water sand up, because it was mixed with the turbid water. The sand usually settles in the uphill sloped pipe from the well to the tank, but now that pipe has lots of sand in it that you can taste. The simplest cheapest fix is to install a sand filter at an accessible point where you can clean it every month, and keep on living high on the hog.

: I can't seem to find any info. on the implications that having some sand come through when we run the water from our well to the house. We live in a high water table area with sandy soil but we are experiencing a severe drought for the second year now. We ran a lot of water in the last few weeks (ask me about watering a neighbor's cattle!) and now are seeing the sand. Does anybody know if this means doom and gloom or just gritty teeth?

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