Re: Cracked housing $$$$ Is it Plastic or Metal?
Posted by More on June 30, 2002 at 22:57:30:
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First look at the gasket that seals the joint and see if you can loosen it, rotate it a half rotation around the filter and reseat the filter head. Then if no luck look close and hard at the cover. Is it plastic? Or metal? If it is plastic you need to grind the surface to make it pourous enough to allow an epoxy patch. If it's metal, take it to a welder shop and have a bead welded on and ground off. They'll have the correct rod and heat settings to do a great job for you. Tell them Terry sent you.

: I realize that you don't necessarily do repairs on swimming pool equipment, but I have a question. The housing of my avove-ground pool sand filter has a 3" crack along the lip of the rim. When I try to filter water (approx. 20 psi.), water sprays out of the crack. What could I possibly use to patch this crack? I have tried caulk and clear epoxy with no luck. Is there another material I could try? Thanks!

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