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Posted by More on June 30, 2002 at 22:45:56:
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The septic tank is getting too much water and it can't get rid of it through the leach line, probably. To verify this without great expense have a starving student dig up the front and back compartments of the septic tank (about 7 to 12 feet away from the house) and open the tank inspection lids. The liquid level should be low enough to allow you to see the inlet pipe that has a septic ell or tee on it. If you can't see it because its under water, that means that the disposal field is not percolating away the amount of water you are using. Cut your drainage use in half for the next three days and see if the water level goes down.

: We have lived in a house with a septic tank for about 2 & 1/2 years. In the last month I have noticed a smell coming from the drain in the sink in the downstairs bath. It smells like mildew. It started after I treated the drains with Drain Care, a product that I have used successfully in the past to keep my drains draining. I had to plung that drain to get it moving again. I attributed that to the fact that it is the lowest drain in the house and therefore ended up with all the crud that came from the drains above. I have tried putting bleach in the drain to kill the mildew but this works only temporarily. Has anyone had a similar problem. What do I do?

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