Re: Sewer-Line Cleanout Installation
Posted by hj on June 30, 2002 at 17:23:12:
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Forget about the saddle. Depending on the pipe youn have coming from the house it may not fit or at least may not seal tightly. If it does not seal properly it will be an open invitatation for roots to get into the sewer. And unless the saddle has a sweep to it, it will be very difficult to snake the pipe from the cleanout. Cut the pipe and install the proper fitting to create a root proof installation.
: Plumbers and Drainers, I have another question for you. While I have my younger cousin doing all this digging, I decided to have him to dig near the house where the sewer-line exits the house so I can install a clean-out. At Home-Depot, they sell a thing called a "Saddle" which fits in over the pipe. How does this work?Do i knock a hole in the pipe with my hammer first?do I use a chisel?will this damage the pipe?will the knocked/forced crack in the pipe travel and crack bout 6-7 feet down the line?After the hole is knocked in it,do I install the saddle,then put a 3" pvc pipe in the opening on the saddle and bring it to the surface,and then cut it and put a clean-out cap on it?My plumber friend tried to explain it to me but I want you guys advice also. the hole is dug, and it doesnt look too complicated,just want to do it right.Thank You.

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