Sewer-Line Cleanout Installation
Posted by Cornbread-Que on June 30, 2002 at 16:50:45:

Plumbers and Drainers, I have another question for you. While I have my younger cousin doing all this digging, I decided to have him to dig near the house where the sewer-line exits the house so I can install a clean-out. At Home-Depot, they sell a thing called a "Saddle" which fits in over the pipe. How does this work?Do i knock a hole in the pipe with my hammer first?do I use a chisel?will this damage the pipe?will the knocked/forced crack in the pipe travel and crack bout 6-7 feet down the line?After the hole is knocked in it,do I install the saddle,then put a 3" pvc pipe in the opening on the saddle and bring it to the surface,and then cut it and put a clean-out cap on it?My plumber friend tried to explain it to me but I want you guys advice also. the hole is dug, and it doesnt look too complicated,just want to do it right.Thank You.

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