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Posted by gates on June 29, 2002 at 23:20:53:
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Yes, there is not a vent running vertically for the toilet. The toilet is in the corner of 115 yr old house, (ie plaster on brick wall with no space for the pipe). I thought I could run the vent pipe horizontally for a few feet (with a bit of a slope) and than up an interior wall to the roof. A portion of this section would also double as the drain for the shower/tub. If not I could run the shower/tub drain to tie in to the sink drain. Hope this helps and thanks very much for the advice. This is a great site and beats the heck out of advice from HD.

: If the piping is arranged properly, and we cannot tell if it is from your description, then it could be a proper installation. But it does not take much of to change from a proper installation to an improper one. All it takes is for your toilet or tub to be piped in a way that you have not included in your description. Are you trying to eliminate a toilet vent out the roof, for example?

: : we are remolding a second story bathroom with access to the pipes in the joist from the first floor (ceiling on first floor has been removed). The toilet sits over the 3" drain with two 2" pipes running from the 3" drain, the first to the sink (6.5' away) which has a 2" studor vent and the second to the tub and shower (3' away)which has a 2" vent to the rooftop. My question is can a portion (30") of the tub/shower drain be considered both a drain as well as the vent line for the toilet? If not I can tie in the tub/shower drain to the sink line, but I would rather not use the hole saw on the joists unless I need too. Thanks.

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