Re: My leaks are now ... did I miss the deadline?
Posted by Vickie on June 29, 2002 at 18:33:06:
In response to Re: My leaks are now ... did I miss the deadline?
Excellent question. If you find out you can still sue, I would like to know because my house is literally falling apart because of water leaks. My home is a modular home built in 1985. The water leaks have caused the electrical to go out on one entire side of the modular. We finally got that fixed. Now the bathroom shower is leaking and the floor is going give in. There is a leaking pipe under the house that we can not get to that has caused the bedroom floor and kitchen floors to buckle. Its only a matter of time before they give in. I too need to replace all the piping and do not have the financial resources to do so. In addition, I have paid several plumbers to fix the leaks as they happened in the past and NEVER did they say anything about there being a lawsuit so by the time I filed, it was too late. I never saw anything in the paper or any magazine I ever read. It wasn't until a friend of my husbands was putting up drywall that had become water damaged and he noticed the quest piping. He told me that he thought there was a class action suit against the manufacturer. I searched the internet and got in contact with the organization that was supposed to resolve the problem. It was too late.

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