whining water pipes
Posted by Rochelle on June 27, 2002 at 01:46:53:
I have three questions that have been nagging me, and am thrilled you guys can share your wisdom:

1.Our house is two years old. About a year ago I started to hear a high pitched noise when the toilet flushed (at first only me and my dog could hear this). Now it has become louder and is constant during the use of any water in our home. Should I be concerned that it will hurt my pipes?

2. Also, whenever I use my garden hoses outside the pipes make a whining/groaning noise when I depress the sprayer, and then stops when I release it.

3. If I run my sprinkler and try to use water elsewhere in the house the pressure is awful, and the sprinkler spray reduces dramatically. Can water pressure be adjusted? I get city water in Woodinville.

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