Re: Whats the best water softner for the money? THE RIGHT SOFTENER
Posted by Jyothi on June 26, 2002 at 09:52:44:
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: You came to the Right place. It seems you believe that you need a water softener, so the best advice is to analyze your water to determine what causes it to be hard, and also, what is suspended in it that you need to filter out. Ask your water purveyor for a water analysis, or go to GRAINGER at for a water test kit (stock no. 3p991) or a Purwater test kit (stock no. 5UZ83). The Purtest kit has different parts for pesticide, or iron hardness, or Lead, or bacteria, Nitrate, Nitrite test analysis. Once you know what makes the water hard and what needs to be filtered out you can seek advice about the softener. Grainger has residential as well as commercial, so be VERY careful about asking for whats best for the money. If You are going to be servicing the system, you want easy access to the filters and isolation valves. If Culligan can install and maintain, you want quiet efficient operation. e-mail me if you need more help, after you get the analysis performed to your satisfaction.

: : Hi all,
: : Ive recently purchased my first new home and have had little help determining what the best water softner is?
: : I'ved called Culligan and Kinetico, instead of answers I got sales pitches...I've had city water all my life so Im terrified that I purchase the right system. My home is a 4 bedroom 3 bath single family built in March of this year 2002. I also want a water filtration system for the drinking water. What should I do and at the same time not shell out $5000? Help..

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