Fiberglass shower pan in a tiled shower?
Posted by Paul Konrath on June 24, 2002 at 11:52:44:
I am totally rebuilding my old leaking 36x36 tiled/enclosed shower and expanding it to 36x48. My wife was sold a fiberglass shower pan by someone at Lowes and told you could just install it on a set of 2x6" and plywood to allow for an "s" drain pipe to be installed under the pan to connect to the old drain location. Here's my questions:
1. will this work; is it a good idea?
2. she was told everyone is installing fiberglass pans now. that it was the way to go. Any truth to this?
3. the fiberglass pan has a entry lip/edge extending down to the floor on one side as if it was made for a corner or freestanding fiberglass shower. Do I need to take this lip/edge off? The rest of the pan has a normal 1" lip around the edge.
4. I plan on retiling the rest of the shower. Should I expect problems with cracks later when trying to tile over the mounting lips of the pan?

Help is appreciated. e-mail if you want at Thanks.

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