Re: are other Toto models recommended as much?
Posted by Terry Love on June 23, 2002 at 14:18:48:
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: One of the many Toto toilets you recommend is tha Dartmouth, which
: we like because of the traditional styling. However, in replacing
: our current toilet, we want to go from one that has the handle on
: the side to one that has the handle on the front, like the Toto
: Promenade (TT-CST724) [which I think was called a Provincial until
: recently]. This is because of the tight fit our current one has
: and the way the side handle catches on the bathroom door.

: Do you consider the Toto Promenade just as good? It has its handle
: on the front, and so we prefer it.

: A related question: we need a new toilet ASAP (we have a crack in
: the tank in the current one), but hope to renovate the bathroom in
: the fall. When we do so, we want to switch the location of the
: toilet and the sink. Is there any issue with buying this new toilet
: now if we want to move it for the renovation?

: Thanks for your help!

The G-Max Toto like the Dartmouth will outperform the 2" flush valve Toto Promanade.
The Promanade does work well though.
Removing and reinstalling later would not be a problem.
Your existing tank looks pretty bad.
I wouldn't put any water in it.
You could come home and find severe water damage if the tank gives way.

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