are other Toto models recommended as much?
Posted by Timothy GILL on June 20, 2002 at 14:15:17:
One of the many Toto toilets you recommend is tha Dartmouth, which
we like because of the traditional styling. However, in replacing
our current toilet, we want to go from one that has the handle on
the side to one that has the handle on the front, like the Toto
Promenade (TT-CST724) [which I think was called a Provincial until
recently]. This is because of the tight fit our current one has
and the way the side handle catches on the bathroom door.

Do you consider the Toto Promenade just as good? It has its handle
on the front, and so we prefer it.

A related question: we need a new toilet ASAP (we have a crack in
the tank in the current one), but hope to renovate the bathroom in
the fall. When we do so, we want to switch the location of the
toilet and the sink. Is there any issue with buying this new toilet
now if we want to move it for the renovation?

Thanks for your help!

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