Well problems
Posted by John Kaminski on June 20, 2002 at 09:19:28:
We are selling our house and the only inspection that failed was the well. Testing high for Coliform, 20 I think it was. It was suggested that we pour a gallon of bleach down our wellhead, then 10 gallons of water, followed w/ 10 minutes of hose water. Then turn on all water spigots in the house till the smell of bleach was present. Then let it sit in the pipes for 24 hrs. After the 24 hrs, drain the well via garden hose till the water tests clean. We were told to set the hose very very low.

Since that time, our water has tested for chlorine on 3 occasions, this friday will be 2 weeks! And, when I attempt to run the hose for a while to drain water, i lose all pressure and have to click some metal rod on my pressure tank to get the water going through the house again....

whats going on????

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