water pressure
Posted by Ron Goldberg on June 20, 2002 at 08:38:21:
We have a Braukmann water pressure reducer. At PSI 5 we have sufficiant pressure for water needs in the house. However, we have a constant leak from the pressure break valve dripping from the house roof as the water tank is in the attic. When we reduce the pressure to PSI 4, it stops the leak but we don't have proper water pressure for house needs. The house is the last house on the block and is also at somewhat of a downgrade from the point of the city water. The tank which is in the attic is in my estimate not higher than 10 meters from ground level. Living quaters are also located on floor below ground level. The gauge that we have is Braukmann 09T92, other writing on the meter is D06F, 1/2 DUGW 0432, 3/4 DUGW 0433 Do you have any suggestions?

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