Re: move toilet to the left 12 inches
Posted by hj on June 18, 2002 at 09:12:52:
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Because of the limitations of fittings, it is sometimes easier to move it a lot than a little. But in your case, the limiting factor may be how the joists are arranged and whether you have the knowledge to possibly cut one for the new pipe and then reinforce it properly.

: Hi .

: I would like to move a toilet one foot to the left. The bathroom door swings really close to the toilet and with small kids it is tough to get in the bathroom.

: I have pulled up the tile and sub-floor to retile. the floor joist is all that is left. the floor has about a 1/2" gap running diagonally between the slats.

: Do I need to approach from the bottom? How "self-improvement-ish" is this task or should I call in a pro?

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