Re: demonic sump pump
Posted by Greg M on June 17, 2002 at 13:43:40:
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: We have a sump pump in our basement that comes on normally when we experience VERY heavy rrains. Lately, it will come on in bone dry weather, with no rhyme or reason. How do we begin to diagnose the problem? It always comes on if the shower in the basement is being used, but also if a bathroomm upstairs is in use.

: Thank YOu

Do you have "city water" or your own Well? We just had the same thing happen and found out that the water line from our well into our house (under our basement floor) had sprung a leak and was running into our drain tile and into our sump pump. It only leaks when the well runs and the well only runs when we use water (runs a lot when we water our lawn). It must be clean water and not sewer water or you would be getting some smell (I would think....??)

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