leaky shower
Posted by Jim Hesser on June 16, 2002 at 16:39:06:
If anyone can help me with this I'll be amazed. My tiled shower leaks at floor level below the door. I have replaced the pan, silicon caulked every imaginable crack, and aligned the sliding door so it hangs square.Finally I cleaned the groove in the drain where the weep holes drain to the drain pipe and placed a drain plug and acidized the weep holes. This seemed to stop it for a month or so. It started again and I saw that the drain was slow. I thought the water might be running back the other way through the weep holes and then over the pan so I used some liquid plumber and now the drain
runs well. I ran the shower for 1 1/2 hours and there was no leakage.But it still leaks if my wife and I take back to back showers( about 25 minutes). Also it doesn't do it every time. I'm totally lost and my next attempt will be to try to seal the tile with some thing that will stop the water and will be a permanent seal(I'm thinking some sort of epoxy or something).Do you have any recommendations for a sealer or something else that could be causing the problem. If you don't it looks like a new shower. Thanks for your time. Jim

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