rusty water from the well
Posted by Diane S. on June 15, 2002 at 22:56:22:
I am having a terrible time with rust in the water. I can't even wash clothes as it will discolor them. The water also has a foul smell(sulfer I assume). I have a Boss water softner and have regenerated that several times to clean the resin tank I also use salt with rust remover. Do I need a unit that will remove the rust or is there something I can do to treat the well. This place is not my primary home so I do not use the water on a regular basis, does that make the problem worse. Also last year this water sorce was in the flood area of the mississippi river. Things seem to be worse since then. The water was tested after the flood and was deemed safe after treating the well with bleach. I use bottled water for consumption. What can I do?

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