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Posted by Scott on June 14, 2002 at 21:45:57:
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: I have a Gerber 3 stem shower. I was attempting to remove the hot water handle. I removed the screw and could not get the handle off. I did get it off, but broke the stem inside. Now I need to replace the stem. I have tried to get a stem socket wrench inside of the eschuteon pipe in order to remove the stem so that I can replace it. The smallest stem wrench is 21/32 and 27/32. The 27/32 will not fit inside the tube around the stem. The 21/32 is too small. Someone told me that the tube which is around the stem screws out or I should be able to pull it out. I have not been able to do this. I plan to replace the whole shower in a few months and will replace everything at that point. Now I just need to replace the stem so that I can control the hot water.

: Thanks,

: Kelly

The only way to remove the stem is to remove the tube. The chrome tube will screw off counter clockwise. It may be a little tough because of mineral deposits on the threads, spray some WD-40 or equal oil on it to help. Sometimes you may have to destroy the tube getting it off but new tubes are available and cost a few dollars. Use the parts breakdown to see exactly what you need to take apart. If you need more help feel free to email me. Good luck


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