Re&Re Drain & Vents with a Septic System
Posted by Charles Fraresso on June 14, 2002 at 12:12:11:
Hi Terry, thanks for your www I appreciate the advice!
I am an experienced but amateur plumbe/homeowner, doing the following project.

Whats There:
I have an old house with an old style metal septic tank without baffles inside. There is one bathroom on the main floor, the drain/stack for which is in the basement below, which is a walkout type basement (at grade rear of house). also, within the last 10yrs most of the drains were re-done with ABS, with a flexible connector at the main drain going out to the tank. There is likely less than 9" of vertical descent from the floor to the tank.

What I am doing:
Repositioning the location of tub and toilet as part of a new design. Therefore will be removing any existing drain work right down to where the drain goes out to the tank.

My Question (finally):
What concerns do I have related to the tank and the drain line. Specifically, should I drain the tank before I cut the main drain? If I do, are the fumes more intense (flammable) as there would be less liquid and more "air space" for gases? General advice please.

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