Water pump and presure tank
Posted by Mike on June 13, 2002 at 11:14:21:
I recently got elected to take over the maintenence of the irrigation pump set-up for our neighborhood association. It draws water out of an irrigation stream and is pumped to a faucet in each homeowners yard. It consists of a control box with overload breakers and fuses, a pump, one small presure tank mounted to the top of the pump and one large presure tank. Each fall the system is drained and shut off until spring. The large tanks bladder had broken a couple of years back, so it was a weekly chore to keep it aired up. This spring when I fired it up it would run about a day before quiting. The breaker would be blown and all presure in the big tank would be gone. I found a hole in the tank and replaced it. The problem remains. (although now the tank maintains air presure) Could the pump itself be the problem?
Could the breaker have gotten weak?
How much air presure should the small tank have? (the large one has 18lbs per instructions)
The pump is set to start at 20lbs and stop at 40lbs.
Any help would be appreciated.

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