Re: Is a seperate vent required for a tub?
Posted by Tom on June 12, 2002 at 12:08:09:
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Thanks for the reply, Terry.

I'm a little confused though.

It was my understanding, along with another individual's, that, when you drain your tub out, air will enter into the overflow, hence, allowing the water in the tub to properly drain through the tub drain, P-trap, etc. In escence, the overflow allows for the "air-to-water exchange". There's still a P-trap in place to keep gas from entering up into the room.

Then, a friend told me this morning that I should run a "T" between the drain and the Trap, and connect the "T" fitting to a seperate vent line.

I appreciate your reply, I'm just still a little foggy with what is required.

Thanks again, Terry,

: : When plumbing in a tub/shower unit, is it necessary to plumb in a seperate vent for the tub? One source told me that the tub will vent through the overflow, and a seperate vent line isn't necessary...another told me that it is a good idea to "T" in a seperate vent. I am running 1 1/2" PVC to the drain unit.

: : Thanks much for the help,
: : Tom

: Tom,
: What "source" would tell you a vent "after" the p-trap would vent it?
: Here is what happens without the vent.
: Imagine draining your tub, and as it drains, a bunch of "Yeach", all gooey and slimey starts filling up the adjacent shower pan. And it happens everytime you drain your tub. Yeach!
: Put the vent in.
: Terry

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