Re: Roughing in Bathroom in to vent?
Posted by Craig on June 11, 2002 at 22:06:29:
In response to Re: Roughing in Bathroom in to vent?
: : I am finishing my basement bath which was stubbed in when the house was built 3 years ago. My main drain drops vertically within 4 feet from the sink and toilet and about 7 feet from the shower. Can I rely on this drain to vent to the main vent stack? I know it isn't optimal, but really don't want to rip out sheetrock up stairs to run a new vent. Any suggestions? Thanks.

: Craig,
: If the basement bath was stubbed in when built, it would also have been vented, right?
: It wouldn't be much of a "future bath" if they left out that.
: If that was not the case, then to answer the question, no, the main stack can't be used for the vent line. Terry

Heh...well, that was my thinking too, but I can't see where it is vented. I am afraid it is like a lot of other things done in new construction, half a job. So, I guess I have no choice but to run a new vent, huh? Will one 2" pipe out of the sink drain suffice for the shower, sink and toilet? Thanks!

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