odor from washing machine area - have private septic tank
Posted by Vicki Stearns on June 11, 2002 at 14:52:34:
I have been noticing a odor coming from the area of the washing machine. Can sometimes smell it in the rooms opposite the wall of washing room. Some times you cannot smell it at all and other times it is very strong. Almost a mildew smell. Also when the washing machine has been used a couple of times in a row it is strong and also when the tub on the other side of the house is drained it smells in laundry room. No other drains or rooms have that smell. I live on concrete slab and the house is approximately 28 years old. Getting to the plumbing is awful--floor would have to be jackhammered up. Help. Any ideas what the odor may be. Septic tank was emptied when I bought the house in 1998 and I usuall live alone except when my grandkids or kids stay with me. thanks.

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