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Posted by Todd on June 10, 2002 at 22:40:49:
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Initially the water out of the faucet is hot, but after 10 sec. or so, it becomes luke warm, I cannot get hot or cold, only luke warm. This occurs only in the master bath tub. The rest of the house has hot, cold or anything in between.

It's a mystery to me?

: : Terry;

: : 6 months ago I replaced our water heater, with no problems until now. All faucets in the house (sink and shower) have very hot water immediately, then water turns cold. The shower/tub in the main bath has the same hot water immediately, but then after water has turned cold it stays cold.

: : What do you think?

: Todd,
: A little more info would be nice. How hot does the water get? Do the thermostats kick off?
: If there is a little amount of hot water compared to when it was new, it could be a lower thermostat or element gone bad, or a broken dip tube.

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