Re: Basement Toilet
Posted by Gary Swart on June 10, 2002 at 16:30:50:
In response to Re: Basement Toilet
The toilet doesn't actually attach to the floor directly. You use a toilet flange that connects to the toilet drain pipe flush to the floor. The flange then is bolted to the floor, and the toilet is bolted to the flange. To anchor the flange to a concrete floor, you will have to drill holes in the concrete that match the screw holes in the flange. There are two pretty good ways to anchor into concrete. One is to use a lead ferrell that drives into the holes you drill (holes have to be matched in size with the ferrells) then screws through the flange holes into the ferrells. The other way is to use Tapcon screws. You still have to drill a pilot hole. Once the flange is secured to the floor, you install the sealing ring, either wax type or the new no-wax, slip the special toilet to flange bolts into the slots in the flange, put the toilet in place, and snug the nuts on the bolts. You may want to put a bead of silicon under the toilet before bolting it down.

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