Toilet Flange Questions
Posted by Brad S. on June 10, 2002 at 13:15:55:
In preparing for ceramic tile installation, I discovered a section of rotted subfloor adjacent to the toilet flange. I have cut out the subfloor and removed the old flange and a section of the ABS drain pipe. In planning for the new flange install, I had the following questions:

1) Is a metal/ABS flange better than than a solid ABS flange?
2) Should the flange be installed on top of the finished floor or flush with it?
3) In terms of water-tightness, does it matter if you buy a flange that fits inside a coupling (male connection) or one that fits over a section of of 4" pipe (female connection)?
4) Which is the best gasket to buy - wax or these new waxless o-ring kits?

Thank you in advance for your guidance!

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