soaked bathroom floor from shower
Posted by Marcy Camp on June 09, 2002 at 01:53:30:
I just bought a house and it is a concrete slab (the pipes are in the ceiling) one of the bathrooms has a shower stall and all around the stall, after I used it the first time, the carpeting was wet, I used it once more and now most of the bathroom carpet is soaked. Very soaked. I do know that the drain cover was off and I saw that the drain pipe was in a hole with about and inch surrounding it as just empty space. We put the drain cover on, but it doesn't cover the empty space, so I think water is also draining into the empty space. Any idea how to fix this? Would this make my carpeting soaked all around the shower stall? Around how much does something like this cost to fix, could I do it myself? Please help

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