Angry email to local Water Co.
Posted by Jean Benavides on June 08, 2002 at 22:28:40:

That's my opinion of low-flow toilets. Ever since I had them installed 4 years ago, My sewer system keeps backing up because there's not enough water to wash waste far enough down the sewer line. I've had to get the plumber out here to root out the line every 2 months or so, costing me $150+ each time!!! This is saving money???

Oh, I solved the problem. I now flush the toilet 3-5 times after each "heavy-duty" use. This is saving water???

I'd like to meet the fluid-dynamics "genius" who came up with the idea of low-flow toilets. Maybe he/she could come up with a 2-gallon gas tank for my car so I'll save money each time I fill up!

And to city water companies like SAWS that bought into this low-flow toilet nonsense, I have some nice wooden barbecues to sell --CHEAP!!!

Suckers like me believed the hype. Now we have the choices: (1) Pay the plumber...(2) Use more flushes, which uses more water than the old high-flow toilets...(3) Build an outhouse.

Can anyone tell me where I can get a REAL toilet???

I really want some answers to these questions!!

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