adding outdoor faucet
Posted by Mark K Woodruff on June 08, 2002 at 08:10:52:
I need to add an above the ground faucet to an existing under ground steel pipe. I know what type of faucet I need, it's just the union that I'm having a problem with. The steel pipe is the supply line going into the second garage/apartment in behind the house. The faucet I am using looks like the old time faucets you would find right above the well. It comes up out of the ground, has a handle on the back to turn off and on, I don't know the name of it, but to link it in to an existing steel pipe, I know I will need a T union, but how will I connect the threaded T when the pipes will not turn. I know I can screw on one end, but the other? There is a cut off valve next to were I want the faucet, it looks like it is soldered, could that be correct? I'm know expert, but I've never seen steel pipe soldered, also the supply line is making a curve, can steel pipes be bent? Would you please advise me on what to do. Thanks, Confused

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