Re: Rear Toilet Connection?
Posted by Bob Giffin on June 07, 2002 at 21:10:46:
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: : Almos all manufacturers make a floor mounted rear outlet toilet. There are also a few companies that still make residential wall mount toilets with rear outlets, although these are much more expensive to install because of the wall carier fitting.

: : : I'm from England where most toilets are connected through the rear by a 4" connector. I have a need for a toilet of this design as I want the pipe to go through a wall to the stack behind. I do not want ot dig up the concrete floor just to install the toilet. In the USA, it appears that all the toilets are joined to a pipe located in the floor. Is this code or just good marketing? Do you know of a toilet which has rear connectors?
: : : Thanks
: : : Rich
: My wifes Aunt just had a leak in a"Wall Mount
: Toilet". So far she has a $600.00 bill to lift
: and dry the carpet. We haven't even got to the
: plumbing yet, or the damage in the wall, but in
: my opinion a person would have to be an idiot
: to want a wall mounted toilet. I am on the
: internet now, to see if there is a recall on
: these type toilets, or a class action suit, as
: she lives in Sun City, and just about every one
: of her neighbors and friends all know about wall
: mounted toilets, and the expense when they leak.
: Apparently it is an epidemic problem in Sun City,
: as Del Web must've got a deal on them to put them
: in just about all the Condos..

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