Re: Rear Toilet Connection?
Posted by Bob Giffin on June 07, 2002 at 21:09:06:
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: Almos all manufacturers make a floor mounted rear outlet toilet. There are also a few companies that still make residential wall mount toilets with rear outlets, although these are much more expensive to install because of the wall carier fitting.

: : I'm from England where most toilets are connected through the rear by a 4" connector. I have a need for a toilet of this design as I want the pipe to go through a wall to the stack behind. I do not want ot dig up the concrete floor just to install the toilet. In the USA, it appears that all the toilets are joined to a pipe located in the floor. Is this code or just good marketing? Do you know of a toilet which has rear connectors?
: : Thanks
: : Rich
My wifes Aunt just had a leak in a"Wall Mount
Toilet". So far she has a $600.00 bill to lift
and dry the carpet. We haven't even got to the
plumbing yet, or the damage in the wall, but in
my opinion a person would have to be an idiot
to want a wall mounted toilet. I am on the
internet now, to see if there is a recall on
these type toilets, or a class action suit, as
she lives in Sun City, and just about every one
of her neighbors and friends all know about wall
mounted toilets, and the expense when they leak.
Apparently it is an epidemic problem in Sun City,
as Del Web must've got a deal on them to put them
in just about all the Condos..

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